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What is this thing?

Sometimes we look at the things built into our home and ask ourselves, “What Is That”? Well, we are here to help you figure out those funny little plumbing items:  What they are, Where they are, What they do, and How to use them. Sometimes this page is even a resource for our plumbers to help you save money on a small service call and DIY!

Here’s the list, just click what you want to know about:

Air Conditioner Condensate Drain Line

Typically located in a bathroom, under the counter of your faucet. The condensation from your air conditioner drains here.

Garbage Disposal Reset Button

Garbage Disposal RESET BUTTON- If your garbage disposal stops working and you hear no sound, look underneath and push the button.

Disposal Key – This helps free up trapped particles that may be stopping the blade from spinning. Remove key before turning disposal to avoid injury. (Some disposers do not have this feature. Call us for more information.)

Gas Line Cut-off Valve
Typically located at water heaters, furnaces, cooktops, bbq grills and dryers.

Manabloc Water Shutoff
If you have the Manabloc system in your home, you can turn off each water line to fixtures individually. Although not used in every home, we offer this as an option. Talk to your builder.

Use the Red Key shown here to turn the valves off and on.

Mixing Valve

Sometimes required by code. This valve is sometimes found at the master bath tub faucet…under the tub, where you can’t see it. This valve mixes the hot and cold water to prevent scalding.

Outdoor Faucet Vacuum Breaker

Located in several places around the outside perimeter of your house, this prevents back siphon of water into your home’s water supply.

Tankless Water Heater

This is your tankless water heater. Much like a tank-style heater, it has the same supply valves and features a temperature and pressure relief valve. It is recommended that you have this type of water heater flushed at least once a year. Call us for more information regarding a flush.

Toilet Pull Stop

If you have this decorative-type stop, it is located where the usual valve is: under and behind your toilet. There is a pull-lever on this type of valve that stops water flow to your toilet.

Washing Machine Box Water Hammer Arrestor

The water hammer arrestors are located throughout your home at certain fixtures, such as: tub and shower valves and washing machine box. It prevents banging and noise from piping systems.

Water Heater Drain Outlets

There are two purposes that these lines serve: The Water Heater Pan Drain Line is designed to drain any possible leaking that the water heater may experience. The T & P (temperature and pressure) Line is designed to relieve any dangerously high pressure and temperature from your water heater. Both lines function as damage control.

*If you see water coming from either of these lines, please contact us: 210.967.6100

Water Heater Thermostat

Ideal temperature setting is 115-degrees. Any more than that could scald you or your children.

Water Heater Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve (T & P Valve)

Sometimes located on the top or side of your water heater, it relieves pressure and hot water buildup in your water heater before dangerous levels accumulate.

Water Heater Vacuum Relief Valve

Sometimes required by code, this apparatus is located on the cold side of your water heater. Its function is to prevent possible back siphon from your water heater.

Water Service Cutoff and Pressure Reducing Valve

Located in the front yard by the meter. The cutoff valve stops the water to your home. The pressure reducing valve reduces pressure to your home from the main city line. (Please contact us if more or less pressure is desired; do not attempt to do this yourself.)

Water Heater Expansion Tank

The expansion tank is typically located at your water heater but can be located anywhere in your plumbing system. It’s function is to adjust your piping system to absorb thermal expansion that can occur from your water heater.