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Water Softeners & Drinking Water Systems

Calcium buildup can ruin elements in your water heater, leave residue on your dishes and even have the tendency to dry and irritate your skin. Utilizing soft water can and Will save you money on costly plumbing repairs and replacement of appliances. It will also save money by minimizing the usage of soaps for bathing, dishwashing and washing machines.

Diamond Plumbing wants to help provide better and healthier water for you and your family. From a home pre-plumbed for a water softener to the retro-fitting of one, we have you covered.

Introducing Sumo® non-electric water softeners. Highly Efficient. Powerfully Compact. Beautifully Simple.

Most softeners have always operated the same way…until now. We started with a clean slate to make sure Sumo® could do what other softeners couldn’t. The result: a system that’s more effective, more reliable, simpler to operate and less expensive to maintain. Take a look at everything Sumo® has to offer.

Non-Electric Operation

Take away the electricity and you eliminate potential timer/computer malfunctions, reprogramming and system down time.

Rapid Regeneration

Sumo® systems can clean themselves in as little as 8 minutes vs. traditional softeners that require more than an hour to regenerate!

Low Salt Use

Save your back! Because Sumo® measures your water use and only regenerates when necessary, it can use up to 75% less salt than traditional systems.

High Flow

Sumo® systems deliver the high flow rates required by today’s demanding households.

Multiple Models

Sumo® is available in several configurations to best meet your needs. Designed and Assembled in the USA

Diamond Plumbing has the Best Water Softeners for the Best Price in Town, Installed!


Reverse Osmosis Systems for San Antonio

A reverse osmosis system provides purified, contaminate-free water ideal for drinking and cooking. The savings in having a R.O. System as opposed to purchasing drinking water is significant. The unit is typically mounted under the kitchen sink and a tap faucet is provided. It is also large enough to accommodate the refrigerator’s ice maker and chilled water dispenser.

By adding the R.O. System to your water softener purchase, it qualifies for a discounted package price!