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Home Warranty Information

Faucets, Fixtures and Appliances:

Faucets and fixtures provided by Diamond Plumbing are warranted for a period of one year from your closing date. Your builder’s warranty policy supersedes this policy.

  • The warranty on fixtures can become void when the fixtures have been provided by the homeowner, have been tampered with, reconfigured or removed and reinstalled by somebody else other than Diamond Plumbing.
  • Upon the closing of your home, the visual inspection on all faucets, fixtures and trim should be considered. Discrepancies in finish, chips on porcelain fixtures or toilet seats should be present at this time, and directed to our office by your builder.
  • Because of our region’s water conditions, your toilet tank’s flapper can accumulate mineral deposits causing water to seep through and leak. All aerators and showerheads installed in your new home are designed to limit the flow of water. The restrictors are located within shower heads and aerators and at times can become clogged with minerals and debris. Most aerators and shower heads can be removed by unscrewing them from the fixture, giving you access to clean them out. Unfortunately, water conditions do not constitute a warranty problem.
  • The garbage disposal is designed to handle the disposal of leftover food. It is best that you Do Not use it to dispose of vegetable peels, bones or large amounts of food products at one time. The introduction of these items can stop up your plumbing drain if the disposal is used in an excessive manner. Some disposals feature a reset button located on the bottom of the unit, and provided with an allen wrench shaped key, yet some do not. If a disposal becomes jammed, please attempt to use the allen shaped key and reset button to dislodge the debris stuck in blades of the unit.
  • Some water heaters have electrical components. Please check your water heaters circuit breaker before calling for service. Also, if the gas line to or in your home has been interrupted by service or a change, it is possible for air to get in the lines and cause an interruption in service. We do not recommend that you bleed the air from the line yourself, please contact us or a qualified licensed technician to do so. Electric water heaters have a reset button located on most units. If hot water heating is interrupted, please check your circuit breaker and or reset button on the water heater before contacting our office.

Concealed Plumbing System:

All concealed plumbing piping and fittings are warranted for 2 years from your closing date.

  • Your concealed plumbing system is exactly what it states. Water and drain pipes that are hidden in the walls, ceiling or underground.
  • Most yard leaks are typically found where fitting or connections meet a run of pipe. If you have had a lawn sprinkler system installed, please try to identify where the sprinkler contractor has tied in to your yard service before calling Diamond Plumbing. If the leak is due to the sprinkler system contractor, it is not covered under your plumbing warranty, and you will be charged for the call.
  • In the event of an emergency concerning water under pressure, there is a cut off valve located in your yard at your water meter. The cutoff valve should have a green 6 to 8 inch lid on top of a protective round valve box that surrounds it. Remove the lid and turn the handle to cut off the water flow.
  • Homes plumbed with the Manabloc system have individual cutoffs located at the block unit, much like an electrical panel. Fixtures can be turned off at the block with the key provided, in the event a fixture develops a leak. It may not be necessary to shut down your main water cutoff at the meter.
  • The hot water system can be shut off at your water heater. You can shut down the hot water without interrupting the cold water service until a plumber arrives to make a repair.

Drain Stoppages:

The drains connecting your home to the main sewer are only big enough to carry water, toilet paper, and human waste. 75 percent of blockages involve disposable items.

  • Sewer and fixture stoppages are warranted for 30 days of closing. Please make a note to use or test all fixtures within the house during this time.
  • Drain stoppages caused by misuse will not be covered and the service will be charged to the homeowner by Diamond Plumbing.
  • Construction debris does play a factor in sewer stoppages at times. The debris will typically stop up the sewer system within 30 days of normal usage. Items lodged in the sewer system will form a blockage that will collect the intended debris over this time frame and begin to slow drainage, clog, or stop up your sewer system. If this becomes the case, please do not hesitate to give us a call to make the correction.


Avoid putting the following product examples into your sewer system:

Hair, tampons, paper towels, Q-tips, wet-naps, baby wipes, cotton balls, diapers, bandages, condoms, grease, food, and vegetable peelings.


What constitutes an emergency?

Anytime there is:

  • a major water leak within the house or in the yard that cannot be contained.
  • a natural gas or propane leak.
  • no hot water for 24 hours or more.
  • a sewer stoppage prohibiting usage of all plumbing drains for 12 hours or more.

After- hour emergencies should be directed to our office at 210-967-6100.
Please listen to the information provided to retrieve the on call emergency phone number.